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The cyclamen somatic embryogenesis EST collection

Cyclamen persicum calli developing somatic embryos were used for the production of a normalized cDNA library, which by subsequent sequencing yielded 2,589 expressed sequence tags. Through filtering, clustering and assembly a total of 1,980 assembled transcripts were produced. Those were annotated using BLAST, Interpro and Gene Ontology associations. The annotated sequences are available via this site.
For details see:
Stefan A. Rensing, Daniel Lang, Eik Schumann, Ralf Reski and Annette Hohe (2005) EST sequencing from embryogenic Cyclamen persicum cell cultures identifies a high proportion of transcripts homologous to plant genes involved in somatic embryogenesis. J Plant Growth Regulation 24:102-115
The sequences have been deposited in the international databases under the accession numbers AJ885882-AJ887964.


These resources are available:



a public BLAST service against the clustered and annotated cyclamen EST data


Sequence Retrieval:

retrieval of sequences and visualization of sequence features and annotation



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